Karim Ghorbani, PhD
Arak University,
Physics Department
P O.Box 879
Email: K-Ghorbani@araku.ac.ir


Research Interest:

My main research interest is in the field of particle physics phenomenology. In particular, I study strong and weak interactions at low energy. This entails Hadron physics. The application of effective field theories in this energy scale are braodly adopted. As an effective field theory, Chiral Perturbation Theory has been successful in describing strong and weak interactions at low scale.

Besides doing long calculations in particle physics I am also interested on doing not-so-hard calculations on Cosmology. Nowadays the connection between particle physics and cosmology becomes tighter than ever. Both sides come along to help each other completing our understanding of the evolution of the universe both in the early time and at the present time.


The well known theory which describes strong force is called quantum chromo dynamics or QCD for short. However, at low energies the theory cannot be solved using the standard technology in quantum field theory namely, perturbation technique. The reason hinges in the fact that at energies below proton mass strong force becomes so strong and we enter the non-perturbative region where perturbative methods in QCD stop working. There are two main ways out: Lattice QCD is the brute force approach of numerical computations of QCD observables. And the applicaton of effective field theories.